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Seek [DVD]

DVD seek
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Created by Vineyard Pastor Dave Schmelzer, author of Not The Religious Type.


Run "SEEK" at your church!


What is Seek?<


Seek is an innovative, Jesus-based 10-week course designed for people who might normally be considered bad candidates for faith. Rather than being a reason-and-argument based course like Alpha (which has worked well for many), Seek has developed into a suggestion-and-experience based course that has proven to be highly successful across the country.


Join people from all walks of life as they explore how faith might work for them in this popular course. Grounded in actual life experiences, tested by feedback from hundreds of participants, taught throughout the country, Seek has helped people from all faith backgrounds and no faith background figure out how faith might be much more than they'd expected.


The Seek DVD set includes all 13 talks on 5 DVD's, plus a bonus DVD of roundtable interviews on how to run Seek.

The Talks: (Average 30 minutes in length)

1. Why Consider Faith In Jesus?

2. What's So Important about Jesus?

3. How Can My Prayers Have Power?

4. How Can I Get The Best Stuff from the Bible?

5. Can I Expect God to Guide Me?

6. Does God Do Miracles Today?

7. What's the Big Deal about the Holy Spirit?

8. The Three Transformations of the Holy Spirit

9. How Can I Experience the Holy Spirit?

10. What about Evil?

11. Why Community?

12. I'd Love to Talk about this Stuff, but How?

13. On the Road to Your Impossibly Great Life

Bonus disc with features for leaders:

Roundtable Interviews, Starting up Seek, Running the First Session, Team Dynamics, How to run Holy Spirit Day, Life after Seek


Who is it for:


* Wondering how faith might play a greater role in your life, or how faith could be more directly relevant to the important issues in your life
* Curious about Jesus and how Jesus might fit into a faith journey
* Definitely interested in a life of faith, but consider yourself brand new to it
* Interested in the idea of prayer or communication with God, but unsure how to pursue it


Seek is a great 10 Week course for Churches, Home Groups & Colleges...or even to take by yourself.

seek from Dan Littauer on Vimeo.

Seek Talk 1: Why Should I Consider Faith in Jesus from Dan Littauer on Vimeo.

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