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Naturally Supernatural

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This is the NEW "2nd Edition" of our best selling book "Naturally Supernatural" by Gary Best.

In this new edition you'll find interactive group curriculum at the end of each chapter called, "Reading the words, doing the works." This is a new feature that is designed to make it easy for groups to digest the material and put it into practice.

by Gary Best
Experiencing the power of the Father's love

How good is Jesus' Good News?
Are you stirred by a persistent hope that it was intended to be far better than what you are experiencing?
That it can make a real difference in your world?
The refreshing mix of real-life stories and sound theology makes Naturally Supernatural immediately accessible.

This "must read" will revive your hope that:

God can work in and through us, more powerfully than we imagine;
The life of Jesus is accessible, and
We get to join God in the demonstration of this Good News.
God may be closer than you think!

Gary Best and his wife Joy are National team leaders of the Vineyard Family of Churches in Canada. Like most old people, Gary likes telling stories. This book is full of them.

"I picked up my copy of Naturally Supernatural and was literally unable to lay it down. It immediately touched something deep in my heart... this is Gary at his best, presenting the kingdom at its best."

Bert Waggoner ~ National Director, Vineyard Churches USA

"Widely illustrated with present-day stories, Gary's book brings heaven to earth and shows that Jesus makes the supernatural natural for all believers, even today."

Jackie Pullinger-To ~ St. Stephen's Society Hong Kong

Book Review:

There are two views of Christ and his church: one is that Jesus set his church on its course in 33 AD, then abandoned ship and now waves to us from the shore. The other is that Jesus is still on board, piloting the Old Ship of Zion through often-treacherous seas. Gary Best embraces the latter view. Not only is Jesus with us, he claims, but, as the apostle said, in us, giving us the desire and the power to do what pleases him. In his book, Naturally Supernatural, Best lays out his case and does it with stories (parables, Jesus called them) rather than the usual dreary shopping list of threaded proof texts to support the view that Christ is, indeed, alive and well on Planet Earth. This is not to say that his position is not scripturally based. It is. I's just that the last thing Best wants to do is offer another lifeless apologetic.

Quoting Dallas Willard, the author says that we misunderstand the Bible's most familiar passage, John 3:16, if we think it is a verse that only prepares us to die. Rather, it is a call to life. One of the great tragedies of modern Christianity, Best writes, is that we have expected too little of eternal life. We have put all our energy into getting people to heaven instead of getting heaven into people. When Jesus taught us to pray, thy kingdom come he meant now, in this life, not just in the life to come. God has called us to partner with him, equipped us with powerful tools to achieve our mission, given us eyes to see what he sees, and provided the greatest of all models of how it is to be done in Jesus Christ. We simply need to read the words of Christ and do his works without theologizing it all away.

The stories offered are personal true-life incidents that may or may not be convincing to the reader depending, I suppose, on ones theological predisposition but they are remarkable accounts all the same, showing how God works among us today and is closer than you think. One of the book's first accounts describes a young man's dramatic, instantaneous healing from repressed memories of criminal exploitation and sexual abuse, a healing that led to his subsequent conversion. The extraordinary thing about the event was that when Best offered his prayer for the young man it was nothing spectacular, no stage lights or cameras, just a relatively ordinary matter-of-fact prayer without much expectation of success. For him it was just another prayer for a troubled person. Best had acted in a very natural way and in the process witnessed a supernatural response from the Almighty; hence the term naturally supernatural God at work in the ordinary doing the extraordinary. The response of the young man was telling. Amazed that he had never heard that God could do such things, the young man said to Best, If you guys are trying to keep this a secret, you're doing a really good job. Nobody knows this.

The end result of that well-timed criticism is this book, which, as it turns out, seems to be touching a collective nerve. These days I am hearing the phrase naturally supernatural everywhere I go.

~reviewed by Jim Miller, Vineyard Church

Number of Pages: 233

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